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Welcome to A World of New Possibilities in Veterinary Medicine

On our website you will find answers to many of questions bothering veterinary professionals about their career and how to get the most out of it. In fact, this is why in May 2007 we built
Veterinary Success Services.

So what are we about?

Veterinary Success Services was created with one goal in mind:

To be a convenient, effective and readily accessible source of information on success and fulfillment in veterinary medicine.  We use the most modern technology to produce, deliver and store all the information you need to build the career of your dreams. Our information is available for use 24/7/365, rain or shine.

We provide ongoing teleseminars, a success on wheels course, facilitated collegial groups (a.k.a, mastermind groups ), educational CDs and MP3s, books- ďLeading the way to your dream practice(AAHA)Ē, Controlling Chaos in Your Practice, a free one-on-one coaching session to explore your plan for success, and much more.


We are not consultants

We are not managers

We donít go to veterinariansí practices to micro manage them

We are not financial advisors

We are not attorneys

We are veterinarians with a degree in business and business coaching with many years of experience working in the trenches, taking care of pets.

We are very familiar with the strengths of our profession, but we are also aware of its weaknesses-  We have been there, experiencing many of the issues that take away much of the fulfillment and satisfaction from being a veterinary professional.

In May 2007 we realized there was unmet need in veterinary medicine; to be educated on a broad range of topics to improve results and satisfaction from the comfort of veterinary professionalsí offices or homes. As traveling to major conferences is becoming more and more costly, we decided to rely on modern technology to provide our colleagues an easy and inexpensive alternative- Get education on veterinary success literally from anywhere- the gym, your car, hiking, running, biking, on your couch, where ever you choose.

Over the past two years we touched the lives of many veterinarians and veterinary professionals and are glad to say we have had positive impact on many of them. With new tools to getting over issues in their practices, careers and lives, and with a renewed ability to focus on what is possible for them,  many of our colleagues are seeing promising results in practice and feel they have much greater control over where itís going.

In this information age, he/she who has the right information is in the driver seat of their destiny.

To see how you too can benefit from this information, click on any of the button above and take the grand tour that can put your career and life on a fast track to greater success and fulfillment.

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Remember, we donít travel to your practice, but our information will.

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