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So who are we?

Dr. Steve Kornfeld is a veterinarian and a certified professional and business coach. In 2004 Dr. Kornfeld completed a 2-year coaching certification program and since then he has provided thousands of coaching hours to veterinary professionals. His coaching is done both on an individual basis and in groups, small and large.
In May 2007, AAHA published the first veterinary coaching book written by Dr. Kornfeld, "Leading the Way to Your Dream Practice". The book has been met with great enthusiasm and is highly regarded by many readers because of its new approach to success in veterinary medicine.
In May 2007, Dr. Kornfeld teamed up with Dr. Peter Weinstein to build this company which put as its mission to bring about more success and fulfillment in our profession using innovative techniques and the most advanced systems to deliver them to you.

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Dr. Peter Weinstein has had a very diverse career and background in the veterinary profession.
Shortly after opening his own practice, he recognized the need for a greater understanding of the
business aspects of being an entrepreneur. For 2 1/2 years, at night he studied to complete his MBA while concurrently working at his practice 6 days per week.
After building his practice to recognized level of success, he sold it to a corporate consolidator.  This allowed him to pursue his true passion--making a difference in the veterinary profession.
Over the years, Dr. Weinstein has been President of the Southern California VMA and the California VMA.  He has worked as Medical Director at Veterinary Pet Insurance and was CEO for a veterinary-specific executive search firm.  All the while providing consulting services, writing and speaking on management related issues both nationally and internationally.
Recently, Dr. Weinstein took on the role of Executive Director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association.
Dr. Weinstein's passion for the veterinary profession is the reason for his involvement in organized veterinary medicine and his desire to help his colleagues become more successful through Veterinary Success Services, a company that he and Dr. Kornfeld started to take the veterinary profession to new levels.

Working incessantly to make our profession a better place to be.

Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA
Steve Kornfeld, DVM, CPCC